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Sunrise Professional Investigative Services LLC provides private investigation for the legal and insurance industry. An experienced investigator will provide the documentation required for traffic accident scenes, personal injuries, hazards, or other incidents. Surveillance, with or without photography, is also available.

Sunrise Professional Investigative Services LLC provides private investigation for the legal professional, paraprofessional, insurance industry and private sector. Although a wide variety of investigation can be performed, special emphasis is placed on personal injury and motor vehicle accident cases. Surveillance with or without photography is available at higher cost.

Depending upon the needs of your particular case, photography of a wide variety is available. We no longer provide 35mm still photography but do provide digital still photography and digital video photography. Please call to discuss your photographic needs with us.

Current Rates

In some cases extended surveillance can be negotiated at a lower rate than is normally charged. Prices are for within the Phoenix metro area only. Travel throughout the State of Arizona, outside the Phoenix metro area, incurs additional cost, including but not limited to per diem expense in addition to base rates. Travel outside of Arizona can be arranged but only as permitted by law in Arizona and the target State; additional expense is also incurred (please call). Rates are subject to change without notice.

Please feel free to Contact Us at Sunrise Professional Investigative Services LLC, either by e-mail or telephone, if you have any questions regarding service rates or any special service needs to discuss.

Investigative time · Base investigative rate for time spent plus round trip travel time to
field location (2 hours minimum charge)
· Appearance for testimony at court or deposition ($275.00 minimum charge)
Mileage Round trip mileage to and from the location of assignment $0.75/mi
Surveillance Surveillance with/without still or video photography as needed (2 hours minimum charge) $125.00/hr
35 mm Photography 35 mm photography is no longer available. We now only do digital photography. NA
Digital Photography Investigative time spent uploading and writing to CD-R and/or printing photographs (2 hours minimum charge) $110.00/hr
Video Photography Included with time spent at site plus cost of video cartridges Cost
Outside of Phoenix Investigative work conducted outside the Phoenix metro area Call
Outside of Arizona Investigative work conducted outside the state of Arizona (as permitted by law) Call