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Process Service & Skip Tracing

Sunrise Professional Services excels at difficult serves and can find almost anyone who has moved or is hiding.
With access to powerful, restricted databases and numerous public databases together with in the field contacts, nearly anyone can be found.
Add to that our persistence and ingenuity (we won't easily give up), and service is practically inevitable.

Current Rates

Skip Tracing / Postal Locate - Request for forwarding address or box holder information from United States Postal Service
  (if no other searches conducted for skip tracing)
- Base rate to locate person (online databse search only - does not include cost of reports and database searches and in-field investigation)
- Base rate plus travel to MVD & various local courts to view case files
- In-field investigation is charged at normal investigative rate in addition to base rate

$75.00 + search fees
$150.00 + search fees
$110.00/hr + $0.75/mile
Service of Civil Papers Small Claims, Civil Summons & Complaint, Forcible Detainers & most other civil documents $24.00 + $2.40/mile + $16.00/attempt
($65.00 minimum)
Service of Writs of Garnishment Includes both Earnings and Non-Earnings (within Phoenix metro area) $75.00 + cost of certified mailing (if applicable)
Service of Restraining Orders & Notices of Hearing Injunctions Against Harassment & Workplace Harassment, Orders of Protection & Notices of Hearing (within Phoenix metro area)

- Service within three (3) hours of receipt of the documents
- Emergency same day service
- Within 48 hours

add $100.00
add $50.00
add $25.00
Service of Domestic Relations papers
(Family Court)
Divorce papers and most other documents issued by Family Court $24.00 + $2.40/mile + $16.00/attempt
($65.00 minimum)
Out of State serves Individual serve from out of State to be served within Phoenix metro area (more if outside metro area) $24.00 + $2.40/mile + $16.00/attempt
($75.00 minimum)
Out of State serves Process from Arizona to be served in another state--locate out of state process server and make arrangements to send documents for service (price does not include out of state process server's fee) $60.00
Other Documents or services Any other types of documents or services not covered in the categories above Call

Process Service

Service of process is charged a flat rate minimum of $65.00 for three (3) attempts
within a seventeen (17) mile radius from the office of the process server executing service.
Injunctions Against Harassment or Orders of Protection are charged a flat rate of $100.00.

All other serves and serves requiring special rush attention will be calculated at the following rates:

$24.00 plus $2.40 per mile (total actual miles one-way to the location of the serve) plus $16.00 per attempt.

Emergency / Special Rush (first attempt made within three hours - add $100.00
Same Day Service & Weekend Service - add $50.00
Within 48 hours (not including the weekend) - add $25.00

If it becomes necessary to conduct surveillance at the location in order to effectuate service,
the cost is $55.00 per hour, one half the hourly rate charged for investigation.
This is in addition to the other fees charged for service of process.

In addition to the above Sunrise Professional Services will provide the following service:
  • Whenever possible, attempted service of the documents will begin within three business days of their receipt.
    However, in most cases we will attempt the service of process within 7-10 days.
  • We will call you when we have a status update. You do not need to call to follow up with us.
  • Three attempts will be provided for the fee charged.
  • A courtesy call will be provided to let you know when the documents have been served.
  • The original proof of service will be promptly returned to you for you to file with the court, or it will be filed with the court if the
    court is located in Maricopa County, Arizona and a copy will be sent to you. It is the client's responsibility to verify the "Proof of Service" with the appropriate court prior to the court date.

  • Please feel free to contact Sunrise Professional Services, either by e-mail or telephone,
    if you have any questions regarding our rates or any special service needs to discuss.

    Michael A. Davis
    Arizona DPS License #1500435
    Registered Officer Superior Court, Maricopa County

    P.O. Box 6001, Sun City West, Arizona 85376-6001
    (602) 550-1168 Office/Cell
    E-mail: mdavis@sunriseprofessional.com

      Copyright © 2010 Sunrise Professional Services - All rights reserved.